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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  July 21, 2014 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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>>a 10-year-old girl is recovering after being shot during a birthday party in oakland. the shooting has police stepping up patrols in the lowell park area. kron 4's jeff bush talked to the little girl and her mother. at their home in vallejo. > > 10 year-old alyssa was celebrating her cousins birthday>>catherine, ten year old alyssa brooks was at a birthday party for her one year old cousin. they were opening presents and playing with the other kids when flying. people were running and screaming and the next thing you know, ten year old alyssa was shot in the arm. the bullet went right through her right arm. she was
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stunned and couldn't believe what had happened. everyone there was dazed and wondering how a ten year old girl got shot while she was playing with her friends in the park. alyssa brooks >> i was scared, panicking. i didn' want to be left. i wanted my dad to stay with me. and, i just wanted to go to the hospital so they could make the blood stop leaking from my arm.: how bad was the blood?: it was bad because i got shot. margarette davis - alyssa's mom >> a bunch of kids in the park, playing and having fun at her cousin's birthday party and people wanted to shoot at each other. i don't understand that. i'm baffled. i don't understand that. i'm glad no one else got hurt, and that no other kids got hurt and no one lost their life. i hope they catch the person who did it and they seek help because something is mentally wrongwith them. >>the good news is that alyssa is going to be ok. police are still trying to figure out who pulled the trigger. i'm jeff bush in vallejo, kron four news.
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>>a 5-year-old boy hit by a minivan in hayward saturday afternoon is on life support. police say he'd been playing with friends at dixon and copperfield near the south hayward bart station. and was hit by a van when he ran across the street to get a ball. the driver of the mini van has not been charged - and police say drugs and alcohol were not factors. a san francisco man is accused of impersonating a police officer in order to kidnap and sexually assault his victims.targeting recent immigrants who don't speak much english. as kron 4's alecia reid reports, authorities say he targeted victims in hayward and oakland. and in san francisco's mission and ingleside districts. >>security guard jeffrey bugai is accused of kidnapping, sexually assaulting, and at times handcuffing his victims. >>oh goshthat's terrible. >>authorities say he would target central american immigrants that spoke very
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little english. his victims were normally drunk. and while pretending to be a police officer, he would coerce them into his car, then take them to his home and force them to perform sex acts. >>this is a tragic incident where you have someone preying on a community that's most vulnerable. >>regardless of immigration status, police are asking any additional victims to contact authorities. meanwhile, if an individual presents themself as an officer, and you are unsure if they are legit, there's a way to check. >> every law enforcement officer in california does have an identification card issued by the agency they work forto ensure they are dealing with a law enforcement officer. >>to get away with his deeds, police say the 35 year old instilled fear in his victims - telling them they would get deported, or face retaliation from law enforcement if they reported his alleged crimes >> we're in a position of trust so what happens when you have someone impersonating a police officerfear in the community that they don't trust law enforcement.
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>>the district attorney's office tells me bugai was charged with impersonating an officer earlier this year, which is a misdemeanor. he plead not guilty. he will be back in court next monday for both cases. keep in mind, kidnapping with the intent to commit sexual assault can hold a life sentence. reporting in san francisco. >>it will be another night without running water for residents of an apartment complex in pleasanton. they haven't been able to shower - or use toilets since friday. tonight - they're hearing that the problem 'might' finally be fixed by tomorrow night. but as kron four's scott rates reports -- it's been a long four days. > > that would be pretty crummy to live here. there has been absolutely no communication. it is really annoying. > > no communication and no water. that is what we hear the residents are dealing with for
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the past four days. she and everyone in the apartment complex has had to find alternate ways of living. whether that is taking a shower- > > the other day i went to the pool and jump then. > > using the toilet. > > you fill up a jug of water and use it in the toilet to flush or use a nasty porta- potti. > > management is posting several fliers on people's doors. > > this is the most recent notice stating, they will have water back on by the latest at 8:00 p.m.. but they are shooting
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for five. i don't believe them. the communication from management to the tenants has been this. flyers. i have five of these on my table and they all say the exact same thing. we hope for tomorrow. >>the latest notices the residents have been getting tonight.say that water service is expected to be restored by 7 or 8 tomorrow night. some of them say - they'll believe it when they see it. >>a large-scale recall of fruit. after a packing company near fresno announced possible listeria contamination. the company-- wawona--- handles produce sold at costco, trader joe's and other stores. the voluntary recall affects stone fruit, including peaches, nectarines and plums. they were packaged this year between june 1st and july 12th. listeria is a bacteria that's particularly dangerous for the very young - and the old.
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> > it is scary because you never know if you bought something. and missed it and a get > > i am angry because my babies... i just don't want to even think about it. so far no illnesses have been reported. if you think you have contaminated fruit, the best advice is to throw it out. the surviving suspect arrested in last wednesday's bank robbery and shootout in stockton was in court today. 19-year-old hy-mee ramos faces 35 charges criminal charges, including murder and attempted murder. that includes 22 counts of the attempted murder of a police officer. and the premeditated murder of misty holt singh - a bank customer who was taken hostage.
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ramos has not entered a plea yet. it's possible that he'll face the death penalty. he'll be back in court august 18th. authorities are still looking for a fourth man. they think he gave the other three suspects a ride to the bank. >>coming up: football practice will never be the same. the new rules about tackling. coming to california. in the name of safety. don't count on stretching out to rest on bart - after a long day at work. new rules govern the way you're allowed to sit. and how police tracked down the teenager they say used a knife to rob an 11-year-old of his bike. heat shields are compromised. we have multiple failures.
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>>a 15-year-old boy has been arrested in santa clara.accused of stealing another boy's bike -- at knife- point. police say social media helped them make the arrest. late last week - they released this surveillance video from a 7-11. they say it shows the suspect and his friends before the
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robbery. they say the boy is the person wearing a grey chicago bulls baseball cap.and not long after this -- he went to washington elementary - and threatened to stab an 11-year- old boy if he didn't hand over his bicycle. next. a superstar. filming at a san francisco landmark. photos from the set of the new movie featuring dwayne "the rock" johnson. and -- video of the woman accued of burglarizing start-ups in san francisco. > > more cloud cover tonight with maybe some light rain > > more cloud cover tonight with maybe some light rain coming every mercedes-benz is made with the highest level of engineering... > > more cloud cover tonight with maybe some light rain coming design... safety... and performance. our latest creation is no different. with one exception... introducing the mercedes-benz b-class.
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a san francisco tech start-up is offering a $2500 reward for information leading to the arrest of a woman they believe has been ripping off start-ups. one of the companies made this surveillance video public. the burglaries have been happening mostly in the south of market area. kron 4's dan kerman has the story. >>san francisco tech startups say this woman is ripping them off >>i know it's the same person, i have video >>david petersen is the cofounder of buildzoom-dot-com, a company that connects homeowners with quality contractors. he says over the last two months, the mission district headquarters that houses his startup and two others has been burglarized three times david petersen/>> upstairs they took 10-15
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macbook pros, in here they got macbooks and tablets >>this is surveillance video of the female suspect moving through buildzoom's offices but it's not the only video of the suspect >> i know at least 5 other tech startups have been robbed. >>petersen gave us surveillance video from one of the other tech startups that was burglarized there in the video, the same woman now with someone else..and petersen says she is carrying a bag stolen from his office. >> it's frustrating. i would say the number one thing is it takes away the focus from working on what we want to be working on >>petersen believes the burglaries are connected by this keyless entry at the front door >> they've all come through the dks door king door system so we think it is someone who has a master code to that. >>police confirm reports of commercial burglaries in the south of market area are on the upswing and some are even taking place during daytime business hours officer gordon shyy/sfpd 125- 133:>> they may just check to
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make sure no one is around and casually walk in and take a couple of pieces of electronics and walk right out the door and they are in and out in a matter of minutes. >>since the burglaries buildzoom has changed passcodes and installed additional surveillance, and hopes the video they've released will lead to the suspect's capture. dan kerman >> police have not yet seen all the videos, still they say anyone who recognizes anyone in them should contact police. in san francisco, dan kerman kron 4 news. >>bart is getting tougher about preventing people from sleeping bart station corridors. bart police began a campaign today to increase enforcement.saying that it's a safety and legal issue. in an emergency - they say sleeping people could slow down an evacuation. a state law requires that stations have to be able to evacuate a station in four to six minutes. because of concern about concussions -- high school football players will be seeing some changes at
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practices. governor brown signed a bill today that will limit full- contact play for young players. he bill prohibits game-speed tackling during the off- season.and during the school year -- they'll be limited to 90 minute sessions twice a week. the bill had a lot of support -- including from medical groups. > > we did see clearing this afternoon. it was sunny and mild but the clouds will be back with. we see widespread clouds tonight with some mild showers. tuesday the clouds will clear again and we will see less muggy conditions. but it will be warmer tomorrow and for the rest of the. the tomorrow is mainly clear with the low clouds moving back in. this could mean a few isolated showers near the coast. we do have drizzle associated with the
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fog. we have widespread showers. moving into the 9:00 area we have more showers near the coastline some. may actually hit the ground. this is drizzle with fog and a couple shower's mixed in. by 11 and 12 there will be a lot of clearing. a low from the coast we have some low cloud coverage. ahead to the rest of the week in, it will be warmer. tomorrow and wednesday still sees morning fog but keeping it
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cooler but friday will have none of that making it warmer for the weekend. > > the search continues for an man who has been shot. the shooting took place just beyond this red car. he was shot two times in the head and the face. he staggers a quarter of a mile down to a church. public heard the scream and shots and called the police officers to. the officers came within a minute and a man was still conscious. he was rushed to surgery and should survive his injuries still. no word on the sugar and no suspect suspicions. > >actor dwayne johnson. better known as the rock. has been in san francisco
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giants and dodgers remain neck- and-neck with their series coming out. giants-phillies >>35 year old cliff lee back after missing the last two months with an elbow strain a row of scouts, including one for the giants - on hand to watch lee since he is reportedly on the trading block for the last place phillies. top 1st cliff lee's third pitch of the game.great diving catch by marlon byrd to rob hunter pence of extra bases! pence though was: 3-5, 2 rbi top 3rd, 2-1 phi buster posey - singles to center off lee to bring in a pair of runs 3-2 sf lee: 5.2 ip, 12 hits, 6 er bot 4th ryan howard - 2 run check swing single off ryan vogelsong to
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bring home a pair 4-3 phi vogelsong: 3 ip, 11 hits, 3 er top 6th, 4-3 phi adam duvall - the 25 year old louisville, ky native just called up from triple-a and smacks a 2-run homer to put giants back on top 5-4 sf final: 7-4 giants / dodgers win so still tied atop west 29 total hits in game the giants are looking for help. they signed this guy who will receive 16 million from the atlanta braves to go away. he used to be one of the league's better second baseman including his stay at atlanta and prior to that in miami. but last year he hit just 17977 strikeouts and hundred 60 to this year. he wanted out of atlanta and they released him. a's game tonight if if the
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angels lose good news for the giants. marcus allen retired a while ago but he's happy that answer questions. we also salt al davis at the stadium who said he would never shared the stadium with anybody. he cannot believe the raiders would end up their.
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here we have a highly respected football man. great coach, great broadcaster, and devout christian. he said today he would not have taken this game linebacker in the draft. not because he should not have a time to play, but because he would not want to deal with the publicity surrounding him. the deal with sam is that if he makes it with st. louis he will be a backup player. would it be worth the trouble?
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that was stupid. >> jason biggs' huge apology after a crack about the downed plane. >> it was offensive and poorly timed. then, chokehold outrage, what it's like to be in a chokehold. and what were they thinking? >> i hope no one -- >> oh! >> what we've learned about the passengers on board. plus charlie the dog. he's so sorry he made the little girl cry. but is it a fake? >> is he giving the


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